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M.'s goal is to present evidence-based health information. Meilahn, MD, Bariatric Surgery, Chestnut Hill Surgical Associates, Philadelphia, PA. Internal personnel have a minimum of 5 years of experience writing and editing health content.

M.'s visual content is a living, growing asset that continues to evolve. Our proprietary in-house content management system tracks articles to ensure that these editorial schedules are met.

We have been deeply involved in shaping the policies of Hi-Ethics, the URAC American Accreditation Health Care Commission (URAC) Health Website Accreditation Program, and the Center for Information Therapy, three cooperating organizations that have been at the forefront of the industry movement to ensure quality of health information on the internet.

places a reviewer's name, reviewer credentials, and review date at the bottom of all pages. Supervisors review with company officers to decide if a conflict of interest does exist. At the beginning of every quarter, our Editorial Director identifies 500 to 600 articles that need to be reviewed and assigns them to physician reviewers. All visual content, including images, animations, and supporting text, are conceptualized, created, and reviewed by medical illustrators. Once both English and Spanish have been updated, they are published together and made available to clients. Acquired content, depending on the source, may enter the editorial process at this stage.

Disclosures must be made to the appropriate manager, director, or vice president at hiring or when such an interest develops. has a robust process in place for keeping our extensive content up-to-date. As a result, we have been able to leverage our core visual assets into multiple levels of product distribution. Once an article is updated in English, it is sent into a workflow that manages the Spanish translation process (certain products only). has built its reputation on the outstanding quality of its visual content, textual content is reviewed to add new or appropriate compelling visual content.

We ask our writers and reviewers to create content based both on the quality of the evidence and its applicability to everyday practice. Additionally, physicians and/or anatomical Ph D's have reviewed this visual content for medical accuracy. visual content is adjusted to convey information to different markets. Through our internal illustration and animation style guide, we maintain visual consistency across all of products. For example, our recent investments include creating a library of high-definition (HD) videos of medical experts explaining health topics for the consumer and patient markets. The editor may propose more consumer-friendly wording and return these suggestions to the physician for consideration and approval.

products is created by identifying the best available evidence from national guidelines, government agencies, recognized leading textbooks, and peer-reviewed literature. frequently uses illustrations to visually explain complex subjects, both to complement our health content and to enhance the educational value of our products. We periodically review the aesthetic appeal of our visual assets based not only on client and consumer feedback but also on emerging changes in the market. artwork has received numerous awards throughout the years, including Best Interactive Site, Best Special Effects, and the Dr. Every change a physician proposes is reviewed by a Senior Medical Editor. continues to grow, we are constantly creating new content internally while acquiring high quality assets externally.

M.'s goal is to present evidence-based health information. All writers and reviewers must disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest. has been known for high-quality visual content and was one of the first publishers to illustrate every structure in both the male and female bodies. Reviews can also be triggered by: The focus of the A. They can also show a higher level of detail for the professional and academic markets. An article update is approved and sent to the next stage when both the editor and physician mutually agree that the update is both medically sound and consumer friendly. has served millions of consumers around the world for over 16 years with award-winning, health information and products that have literally changed the way people look at their bodies, understand their health and wellness, and learn the science of medicine.

Our editorial standard is to objectively communicate the current standard of medical practice. All illustrations and animations are reviewed by physicians every 2 years at minimum, according to set editorial schedules. Illustrations can be simplified for the consumer market. As a result of our dedication to aesthetic quality, A. Our content management system handles the workflow.

pdf TEACHING ANTH 100: Globalization and Local Cultures ANTH 102: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology ANTH 218 (IWS/ASIA): Contemporary Cultures of Southeast Asia ANTH 318: Material & Immaterial Worlds: Anthropology of Art & Expressive Culture ANTH 319: Anthropology of Tourism ANTH 304: History of Anthropological Thought ANTH 315: Identities: Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism ANTH 361 (IWS/ASIA): Art, Ritual and Religion in Island Southeast Asia HONORS 209B: Encountering Southeast Asia New Courses in Preparation: ANTH 210: Visual Representation of Culture (Ethnographic Film) ANTH 361 (Special topics): Anthropology of Food Dr.

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