Adult arab chats

Learn more Talk-About-AAC Vocabulary (.99 USD) tax* Talk-About-AAC is a communication application designed to help individuals with emerging language learn core word vocabulary.

There may be people with other conditions who could find i Essence useful but they need to have the ability to touch small keys and be able to read and spell.

The Canadian French files are available in the Upgrade Store for FREE.

After purchasing and downloading the language pack, you will receive 4 Canadian French Vocabulary files.

Log-in using your i Tunes® account information and finish your purchase Word Power™ Vocabularies ($149.99 USD) tax* Word Power for Touch Chat is a special version of this popular word-based vocabulary, designed specifically for the i Pod® and i Pad® screens. The main client group for whom this vocabulary was designed is people with ALS(Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) or MND(Motor Neurone Disease), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

It was designed to provide a speech support system for people with degenerative medical conditions that have rendered them speechless but who still maintain the ability to spell.

It will not give you access to the online News-2-You newspaper.

You must have the News-2-You subscription through N2Y to access the online newspaper.Vocabularies include Child, 12, 20, 40, 66; Teen 20, 30, 40, Adult 66; Text 40, 66, Pro all of which will be available to you when you purchase Gateway.Learn more Pixon™60 for Touch Chat (.99 USD) tax* The Pixon™ Project Kit provides 10 different manual communication boards.News-2-You Service (.99 USD) tax* This one-time purchase will provide access to communication boards that correspond to News-2-You, the weekly online newspaper from N2Y, allowing the student to participate in classroom activities and socialize with teachers and peers.This membership will only provide communication boards for News-2-You.This membership will only provide communication boards for Unique.

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