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As it turns out, the most popular password was “123456.” It was used by almost a million visitors.

The password “12345” was used more than 635 thousand times, and “123456789,” more than 585 thousand times.

Is the Adult Dating Sites worth it, or just a money trap made for men?

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According to ZDNet, the current breach includes less intimate data, instead including primarily usernames, email addresses, and passwords.

The breach also included data from 15 million deleted accounts that were apparently not scrubbed from the site’s databases, data from other Friend Finder Networks properties including, and data from, which was owned by Friend Finder Networks before being sold to a relaunched Penthouse Global Media in February. ZDNet independently verified the data, but Friend Finder Networks has not yet publicly acknowledged the extent of the breach.

Approximately 339 million user accounts were hacked from Adult Friend Finder itself.

A previous hack of Adult Friend Finder data exposed users’ sexual preferences and marital status along with birth dates and email addresses.

A similar scenario played out during the fallout from the Ashley Madison hack.

The two sites are not entirely comparable as Ashley Madison explicitly offered a digital meeting place for married people to cheat on their spouses.

The longest password was "pussy.password Limit Exceeded:07/1." Other popular non-numeric passwords included words related to sex and country names.

Among the e-mail domains used for account registration there were 5,650 governmental addresses from American government domain “.gov,” and 78,301 thousand addresses from the defense domain “.mil”.

Adult Friend Finder bills itself as “the hottest dating, hookup and sex community.” Members are asked a host of personal information, including marital or relationship status, sexual orientation and intimate interests.

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