Adult sex finder with no credit card

This isnt any good if like me, you dont manage money very well!

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I got a account though straight away, only 250 limit which is fine for me.

Tbh i didnt even realise i was setting up an account - i thought it was just a website you could order off and i was registering!

I started with a credit limit of 150 and this has increased by 50 each month.

I have a bad credit rating and usually get rejected if i apply for anything like this.

Thanx tho lol coz i was gonna order them at 99 pounds so u have saved me 14 pounds lol Havent tried Laredoute so gonna try it now x Agreed...they are free with their credit limit....

I joined them about a year ago and straight away got 1500 credit limit.I do agree with you though, my sister has a friend whose husband has been bankrupted once and she recently lost her job and he still opens credit.He keeps buying random things on credit, like just last year he bought a Harley Davidson!additions gave me 1200 credit and i have a littlewoods account of 600 i dont use the littlewoods one to expensive additions is slightly cheaper and i buy big things i cant afford anywhere else like appliances but the credit they give you is mad just a way of getting you to spend more and they are usually the same the warehouse is the same to so if in one cat the item is sold out it is in all of them tbh its not really worth it i think this must be based on how bad your credit rating is, cos mine isnt great at all, and i cant get an account with addition or littlewoods.i have a debt relief order in my name but have cleared all the debts, but they still show as defaults on my file and therefore cannot get a dime of credit, i cant even get a capital one card which is apparently easy to get.I have paid everthing for the last three years but got really bad credit four years ago when i split from my ex.... So if you really need something and you don't have the cash, then try

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