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1, 2016 entitled ''Everything You Are Looking For.'' This album was released under the band name ''The Last Shadow Puppets'' not the original band of Turner named ''Arctic Monkeys.'' Now the fans want to know more about the mystery woman in his life.

The relationship of Turner with model Taylor Bagley was always under speculation and there were rumors of them calling it quits.

Since the release of their first album under the Puppets’ name, The Age Of The Understatement, back in 2008, the Sheffield-born Turner and Liverpudlian Kane have been slowly raising the bar for #friendshipgoals everywhere. If you’ve doubted this trip into the greatest friendship of 2016 – this soul-stirring You Tube compilation of the pair will melt all your cynicism.

Not even that Facebook ‘memory’ of your uni squad buzzing on the Raspberry Sourz can compete. Because what is a friendship if it isn’t captured in a highlight reel over a sweet tuneful croon?

Asked if he had been affected by public perception of him during the making of ‘The Colour Of The Trap’, Kane replied: “There was definitely a point to prove because a lot of people out there just see me as Al’s best mate and the new kid that was in the Puppets who didn’t really do anything.” He continued: “I’m not soft, I know some people think that.

With this record I wanted to be like, ‘Well here’s a great album, and you can either take it or leave it’.

about their return, saying that the major difference from their debut [2008’s ‘The Age Of The Understatement’] is that “we’re going to be squabbling over the mic this time”.

“We’d always hoped to do it again but if we were to compose a sequel it was certain not to be for a long time,” Turner explained.The trek starts at Middlesbrough Empire on October 13 and finishes up at London Electric Ballroom on October 25, a show which will be his largest as a solo artist yet.You can watch a video of Miles Kane being interviewed at this year’s Reading Festival by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking. Glimpse of their romance: Taylor, 28, has been a regular fixture in Alex's life, and even spent time with Turner and Miles Kane while they were billeted in an LA recording their latest LP for The Last Shadow Puppets Her 'favourite being': The model frequently mentions or uploads shots of her 'favourite being' to her Instagram account, while Alex still remains largely aloof of sharing his private life via such means And while the award-winning rocker has been reluctant in the past to embrace the trappings of his success and embrace his fame, Miles, also 30, alluded that with the enduring success of the Monkeys his friend has become more 'confident' with his public status.Alex Turner and Miles Kane recently launched their music album on Apr.The Last Shadow Puppets‘ Miles Kane has explained why he never joined Arctic Monkeys.

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