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Bob Lienemann will be publishing a very detailed work concerning the Moravian locksmiths and gunstockers, and furthermore has already published an excellent treatise concerning the life of William Antes (KRA v. 1730s-1750, and William was educated and - it is assumed - apprenticed there. Lienemann's piece concerning Antes in addition to notes kindly provided by him which are drawn from his as-yet unpublished research, and likewise utilizing Hillanbrand's work, it is possible to construct a somewhat simplified checklist of the various locksmiths, blacksmiths and gunstockers of Bethlehem, Christian's Spring and thence Bethabara and Salem prior to the Revolution.

As the controversy involving Rifle 42 would seem to be somewhat intertwined with these Moravian communities, it therefore would behoove all of us to preliminarily familiarize ourselves with the cast of characters involved.

46) which is usually assumed to be of the same period.

I hope I'm mistaken because that is just plain wrong! It's ridiculous that the existing vendors don't get some sort of priority.

They should get the first permits and the remaining permits should go into a lottery, not a bidding war.

Or maybe they can get off their butts and go out and start cleaning up their neighborhoods or maybe that is to much to ask of them we dont want to offend them!!!!?????? The city should be kept "as is" & this so-called hot dog man should find another city to set up his weenie cart! Sorry forgot established hot dog shops should not be allowed in bid war for hot dog stand. Should be limited to just a plain citizen with no big established hot dog shop sponsor. This whole thing does smell real bad, and it's the city that stunk it up.

I for one am sick of these so-called Entrepreneurs starting a business without first checking to see what Ordinances & Laws govern them. Next, there will be guys on every corner cleaning the windshilds of cars at traffic lights! Why can't the permits go to a higher bidder than the hotdog guys???? I can't say I'm ashamed to live in Bethlehem, but I am ashamed of how it's being run.

This study will always be considered a work-in-progress, as hundreds [William Hillanbrand offers the following list of men who worked in Bethlehem throughout the 1740s: Matthew/Mathias Wittke, Marcus Kieffer, Daniel Oesterlein, Anthony/Anton Schmidt, Jacob Wuest (sometimes 'Schoen' via a name-change) and Andreas Betz were all locksmiths.

Phillip Wesa, George Schmid/Schmidt, George Huber and Abraham Steiner were blacksmiths.

I'm embarrassed to say I live in Bethlehem the way some of the people treated him. After all he was the one who came up with the idea ! That's when we were truly the "Christmas City" and little town of Bethlehem. I have blood shooting out of my eyes as I am writing this...... The city is a bunch of pigs for trying to cash in on the highest bidder and the hotdog carts need to go as well becuase there is no need for them.

I saw him on channel 3 last night(news) about him getting hit by the car. Enough already let the man sell hotdogs if the other shop owners and vendors want to sell hot dogs let them sell them. The city makes tons of money off the Sands and from the filming of Transformers 2 and parking tickets during Musikfest :-( So why not give the originator top spot. Maybe they ought to look to the past to see how our city was and try to recreate some of that old small town charm. The wealthy are providing more opportunity for the wealthy. Does stealing from the poor to give to the rich make you feel proud???? Keep it up and your streets will seethe with crime!!! This isn't NYC or Philly, now one of them gets hit by a car which I'm sure will turn ugly.

Now people with more money will get the permits, and the people who brought this whole thing to light will end up getting the shaft. I was hoping that I was mistaken about my interpretation of what this said. Instead of going on welfare, he comes up with a great idea and is willing to work for a living. Sorry was unaware that this turned into a bidding war until I read other posts !

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