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(A slightly earlier form was close lines.) It has been used figuratively since the mid-1800s.

If the members of a group close ranks, they say things to show that they support each other totally when someone who is not in their group criticizes one of their members.

Note: A rank of soldiers is a line of them standing side by side.

Some scholars have argued that they migrated from Africa in the Neolithic period and again at the end of the Bronze Age, while the archaeological evidence has been interpreted to suggest that Iberians had an E Mediterranean origin dating to the 3d millenium B. The high point of Iberian civilization was reached about the 4th cent. C., and thereafter their culture came under the influence of Carthaginian colonization. The theory that the Iberians and the Basques were identical has been discredited by modern research. The question of the origin of the Iberians remains unsolved. Iberian architecture is known through the remains of cities perched on hills, with walls and towers; there are also remnants of temples and tombs.

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