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Perhaps the best thing about experiencing the endless variety of Taiwan's cultural and artistic wonders is that whatever you like, whether it be folk festivals, religious practices, traditional skills, or modern art, everything is right at hand.

You can find expressions of the country's rich and varied arts on every street and lane, and in the lives of the people.

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And every part of Taiwan - north, center, south, and east, and even the offshore islands - presents its own unique local characteristics, profoundly different yet centered on a common cultural core. Glove puppetry is one of the most important traditional performing arts in Taiwan, an art form that incorporates literary motifs, music, and voice acting.

The puppets are expertly crafted with carved wooden heads, elaborate attire, and other trimmings that make them works of art in their own right.

Meinong Folk Village: 886-7-681-7508 Website: The making of dough figures is a traditional folk art in Chinese culture.

The figures are fashioned from steamed sticky rice and flour dough and so are also called "rice sculptures." Most dough figures are made into characters from legendary stories or are shaped like beasts, flowers, or birds.

In Chinese culture, they have long served a decorative function as well.

The knots have a symmetrical design and subtle beauty that exemplifies traditional Chinese aesthetic values.

As the diabolo accelerates, it issues a low humming sound.

Experienced performers can simultaneously spin multiple diabolos and send them high through the air.

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Their faces have no obvious expression; the liveliness of the figurines depends entirely on the puppetry skills of the puppeteer.

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