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On April 12, 1898, she published her hypothesis of a still-unknown radioactive element, and worked with pitchblende and chalcocite, both uranium ores, to isolate this element. Marie Curie and Pierre Curie thus discovered first polonium (named for her native Poland) and then radium. Polonium and radium were present in very small amounts in pitchblende, along with larger quantifies of uranium.

Isolating the very small amounts of the new elements took years of work.

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Marie Curie spent the next years organizing her research, supervising the research of others, and raising funds. Early in 1911, Marie Curie was denied election to the French Academy of Sciences by one vote.

Emile Hilaire Amagat said of the vote, "Women cannot be part of the Institute of France." Marie Curie refused to have her name resubmitted for nomination and refused to allow the Academy to publish any of her work for ten years. Nevertheless, that same year Marie Curie was appointed director of the Marie Curie Laboratory, part of the Radium Institute of the University of Paris, and of the Institute for Radioactivity in Warsaw, and she was awarded a second Nobel Prize.

Marie was annoyed by the attention to their romance rather than to their scientific work.

But security was short-lived, as Pierre was killed suddenly in 1906 when he was run over by a horse-drawn carriage on a Paris street.

She won Nobel Prizes in 1903 (Physics) and 1911 (Chemistry), and was the first woman to be awarded a Nobel Prize, first person to win Nobel Prizes in two different scientific disciplines. Marie Curie was born in Warsaw, the youngest of five children.

Her father was a physics teacher, her mother, who died when Maria was 11, was also an educator.

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In 1904, Pierre was given a professorship at the Sorbonne for his work.

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