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Atlanta, GA is a completely different animal, where things move a little slower, people know how to savor their soul food, and they drink mint juleps proper.

Certainly, when it gets too hot and wet, as it assuredly will, you’re better hiding away from the insects and the sun, but for those evenings when it’s just right, there’s not a thing in this world finer than the 16 most extraordinary rooftop bars in Atlanta. NWThere isn’t much of a view off the roof, so unless you dig Peachtree traffic, there’s little to see.

With sites like Scoutmob and Groupon, there’s no reason to munch your way through as many of Atlanta’s restaurants as you can. You’ll bond together as a team in these kinds of events, and can toast your victory afterwards.

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Go to a local festival, music event, art show, play, museum exhibit, etc. Spruce up the lawn at one of your houses by adding flowers, plants, or vegetables.

(Wearing a disguise is optional and adds to the fun.) 27. Relax in a cafe (without connecting to Wi-Fi) and make a list of 15 things you’d like to do before your next birthday.

Sleeping late and then going out for a hearty breakfast/lunch?

Have dinner or drinks afterward at one of downtown’s nearby restaurants.

You just might see your city (and each other) in a new light. Look sexy for your date while wearing a helmet, and receive a guided tour of some of Atlanta’s history. On the way there, talk about what’s going on in your lives.

Have lunch at a cool bistro you’ve never been to because it’s full of tourists, take a walking tour of a local cemetery, or have your picture taken by a town landmark. One Saturday a month, select a cool or quirky destination about an hour away and head there.

This idea combines fitness, nature, and quality time. You might awaken a shared passion, as well as get to know each other’s learning styles.

(There are lots more deals besides food, but those are my faves.) 9. Learning something together can be really fun, so consider a class like archery, capoeira, or ballroom dancing.

Give it a try, and reap the physical and mental benefits.

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