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Although this version of Windows OS has an automatic system update feature, which is responsible for both installation of patch updates and security updates, sometimes it fails to work.

Due to this purpose, Windows Defender may lack for the latest virus and spyware definitions putting the system into a high-risk of malware attack.

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To eliminate them, you have to activate the licensed version of Reimage repair software by purchasing it.

To repair damaged system, you have to purchase the licensed version of Smart Windows 10 users regularly check the condition of Windows Defender.

See How To Boot From a CD/DVD/BD Disc if you've never done this before.

The first screen you'll see after you boot your computer to AVG Rescue CD will ask you what you'd like to do. There are over a dozen options you can choose from when AVG Rescue CD first starts up.

Though the interface isn't the best to work with, AVG Rescue CD has some nice features: Pros Select the link called "Rescue CD (for CD creation)" on the download page to download AVG Rescue CD in the form of an ISO file. If you need help doing this, see How To Burn an ISO Image File to a DVD, CD, or BD.

Once AVG Rescue CD is on a disc, you'll need to boot your computer to it.

To prevent this from happening, security experts recommend installing Windows Defender definitions manually on a regular basis.

As we have already pointed out, Windows Defender Antivirus gets updates as part of Windows Update.

However, updating Windows Defender is a complicated task, which may end up with failure.

Many people reported an error, which says that “Virus and spyware definitions couldn’t be updated.” The pop-up provides the following additional information: This application couldn’t check for virus and spyware definition updates.

Check your Internet and network connection and try again.

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