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“3D technology is already being used in a multitude of industries in Edmonton.

Fred Estlin is the general manager of Ivy Devices Inc., one Grande Prairie-based company that has benefited from the 3D technology offered by Titan Innovative Designs.

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The technology is open source, so it can be very inexpensive to get started.” It is innovative technology that enables manufacturing processes to operate more efficiently for companies, and that, Mc Tavish explains, carries benefits, including “improved resource allocation, time and money savings in product development, and business diversification.” “Whether you are outsourcing the technology or buying equipment for DIY, do your due diligence,” Mc Tavish stresses. You can use 3D technology at the local library for free, or you can approach a company, such as Drader, that has plastic part designers and engineers.

The results will be drastically different.” Bryce Borgel, principal and lead designer, Titan Innovative Designs, agrees that 3D technology has numerous benefits, but he is also noticing a big difference when it comes to the way 3D technologies are interacting with the design industry.

“This will change how we all do business in the next 20 years.” Rose explains, “3D technology, both virtual reality and 3D printing, will become society changing technologies as they mature.

Whereas 2D technologies, like computer displays and the printing press, changed how we interacted with information, 3D technology changes how we will see and interact with the world.

After work, I can sit down with a friend and defuse a virtual bomb for fun.

I can train my staff on a dangerous task by having them practice first in a virtual world before real lives and assets are at risk. Right now, the Oculus and other VR stores are in their infancy, like the App Store was in 20.

“For prototyping, you can’t beat 3D technologies, and the day is coming when waiting for parts to come will be a thing of the past”—and that will apply to numerous industries, Estlin predicts.

Kelly John Rose, CEO of Panda Rose Consulting Studios, Inc., agrees on the potential of 3D technology—but with one distinct difference: “The technology is not coming; it is here.” “All we need is for people to take the time to invest and use it,” says Rose.

“The world of 3D is completely changing the way we can design, manufacture, and develop products,” Borgel explains. As a designer, if you design a 3D product on your computer, you will reference that one object in a multitude of scenarios.

A simple 3D object contains: physical dimensions, material specifications, shape, and profile.

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