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"I've always really loved supporting characters because they can get away with a lot," she said, hands waving wildly as she continued."They can come in, fall over, do some funny stuff, get a big laugh, and leave. Those are the roles I gravitate towards, so in looking at TV projects, I've tried to find the leading ladies that are a little off."For years, Newton's search turned up empty, until she came across the pilot script for Weird Loners, which offered her everything she loved about Amanda on Ugly Betty, but, as a bonus, it would also put her front and center. Weithorn (The King of Queens), Newton plays Caryn Goldfarb, a desperately single dental hygienist who, through a set of surreal circumstances, finds herself living alongside three equally weird singles: Stosh Lewandoski (Zachary Knighton), Eric Lewandoski (Nate Torrence), and Zara Sandhu (Meera Rohit Kumbhani).Michael, how did you feel when SCOTUS passed marriage equality nationwide back in June? It was an amazing day for the entire LGBT community, and I think for humanity. I felt, for the first time, equal since we’d been a couple. Either we make this plan where we get everybody in the same room at the same time, which seems impossible, or we just do it.

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"I really went from the Olive Garden to the Golden Globes," she told Buzz Feed News, with a laugh, of starring in a commercial for the chain of Italian restaurants, her highest-profile gig up until that point.

"People don't realize this, but the Olive Garden commercial was actually airing during Ugly Betty.""I think so much of TV is happenstance," Newton added.

MU: Yeah, Brooke basically put us both in the same place at the same time and then showed up late…which I was actually happy about. It’s pretty funny that a simple set-up finally brought you two together after such a chase! It was this great big loft and we were hanging there late one night. I tend to get more serious and introspective when I’m thinking about anything. There are concerns I have that I don’t want elements of that brought into our relationship because it is such a great relationship.

RS: Then we met— MU: And right away we were a couple immediately. RS: We were under a ladder—we were kind of leaning on it—and Michael said, What are the qualities in Michael you have been most taken by? I fear that it might turn our relationship into something where we have to constantly talk about our views on marriage and why we did it and what we think about it and how we feel about it— MU: But we have to anyway!

Ryan Spahn: And we ended up meeting one another on a street corner. He was in the position where he had a great job and he wanted to go and he wanted me to go with him. RS: Yeah, you took control of my ego issues about being taken on a trip like that, especially because we’d only been dating at that point for maybe a year. Maybe because I’m gay and it hadn’t been an option for so long, and maybe because my parents didn’t stay together that marriage in general wasn’t this thing I needed in my life.

Brooke wasn’t there, her shoe broke on the street and she was at a cobbler. MU: Ryan was staying at his friend Billy’s in So Ho. When did marriage become something you started talking about? I’ve had reservations about it now because I think it’s such a political statement to get married at this point.Over the course of its four seasons, the series drew big-name guest stars (like Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham, Salma Hayek) and won three of the 19 Emmys for which it was nominated.Newton played Mode magazine's fast-talking, slow-thinking receptionist Amanda Tanen, who — along with Michael Urie's Marc St.It's been interesting to meet people who realize I'm not quite that fabulous or bitchy or all of those heightened things," Newton said."Other actors want to meet you to prove they can be more than who they seem. I meet people to let them know I can speak English and I'm articulate and I'm not very mean.The series boasted quite the comedy pedigree (it co-starred Scott Foley and T. Miller and hailed from HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas), but it failed to connect with audiences, premiering to 1.61 million viewers and ending seven episodes later.

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