Benefits of dating in college sandara park dating ban

The number one benefit for everyone, well not everyone, but most people is that you can have sex whenever you want with someone you have an emotional connection with.

As a couple, we've traveled around Southeast Asia, gone to music festivals, and lived life like every other 20-something — we just happen to be in a relationship.

Since we've been together, I've studied abroad, lived alone, and still go out and have fun with my girlfriends.

Maybe it is the vulnerability of not having your man there, so other guys get the picture? But girls and guys in a relationship, it is very important for your girlfriend to have a girls night out and for your boyfriend to have a guys night out. This is one of the best parts of being in a relationship if you are a cheesy, old, romantic like me.

Before I was in a relationship, I hated spending this day on my own.

All the single ladies will be a little bit jealous.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being single, but getting something for free is priceless...While the single life clearly has its benefits for the college student, it's only fair to go over just how valuable a relationship can be throughout your college years. Don't know anyone in your super challenging Chem 100 class and petrified of the TA? Having an extra opinion on where you went wrong in your lab calculations or an extra set of eyes reading through your English paper is never a bad thing. You've got your own personal support system As great as it is to get those "Good job sweetie! And likewise, when you're up till all hours studying (panicking) about your paper that's due next week, it's your S. Seeing their face and hearing their voice is a treat in itself.Did your partner in your Writing class just hand you back an unmarked rough draft and tell you there's nothing wrong with it? xoxo" texts from mom and dad after you aced an exam, nothing feels quite as empowering as a long, heartfelt message from your S. O.'s words of motivation and encouragement that help you power through better than anything else. The next best thing to having them there with you in the flesh, you can talk about your days instead of texting about them and go on rants about the pretentious kid in your Psych class without fear of the person you're talking to being their roommate.You are having sex with someone, who has had sex multiple times with other strangers and then they have had sex with other strangers and so on so forth.Before you know it, you are in the doctors waiting room, with an uncomfortable feeling, dying of embarrassment.Two words: Skype date The clock strikes Saturday night and suddenly you're faced with the weekly decision of what to do, where to do it and who to do it with. It might not be the most romantic evening, but before you know it you'll be saying goodbyes and already anticipating when you can have your next digital date.

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