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It should be noted that many books with this small number present the author's name in upper case letters.Also, the wrappers, like the late Ten Cent Pocket Series, Five Cent Pocket Series and Pocket Series have the company imprint at the bottom front of the wrapper and ads for three Haldeman-Julius periodicals appear on the back. Paul is making some serious assumptions about what is true. Believing lies about ourselves have become our truth. Then I pray (talk to God), meditate (listen to God) and write. Let me tell you, my prayers are sometimes with joy or tears.

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Sometime in 1924 this first wrapper design of the was abandoned and a new basic design was used that persisted until the late 1930's.

I refer to this design as "the standard" since it was the wrapper during the heyday of the series. While a great many of the books from this era carry a copyright date that date does not pinpoint the issue of a particular book.

However, within this standard design there are some variations that can offer tips on distinguishing an early from a late printing.

For example, some wrappers with the large number and blank back maintain the company imprint.

With the Appeal's Pocket Series, Appeal Pocket Series, Five Cent Pocket Series and Pocket Series there was only one wrapper design for each series.

Dating books from any of those series can be done by referring to the chronology above.

The Ten Cent Pocket Series wrappers all have the same front but there are three possibilities for the back. Books with advertisements for two Haldeman-Julius publications came next.

Those with three advertisements were the last in the series.

:)Thank You, Abba, for this tremendous hope that You have given me! Today I will rejoice in this hope, even as I pray for those who have yet to receive it!

The article presented here is an updated version prepared by Jake Gibbs in March 2009.

I have reminded Him of His promises and broken through my fear to victory! He gave so much instruction on living out our faith in this letter!

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