Britney spears dating manager

Innocent Britney went from a southern charmer to sitting alone smoking a cigarette.

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Trawick has left William Morris Endeavor to create an arts and entertainment division for a company called Famos LLC, whose partners include musicians Dave Stewart and Mick Jagger.

they are still doing great together, but Jason has decided to step aside as her agent.

It’s hard to tell who benefits from this relationship more.

Spears is one of the most successful acts in the history of pop music.

But Britney, who at this point was broken up with Justin, ended up back at the club shortly after calling her ex for some moral support. Britney's past and current manager had it rough for a little while, and this was the beginning of it all.

It's there she runs into him with another woman, and he fired at her, "Get over it. After Britney famously kissed Madonna at the award show, she walked off stage only to hear Larry advising her to cut the partying a bit.

The Club: This is where fans got their first glimpse of Brit Brit's sass.

When Justin took too long to come back with the drinks, Britney went to check on him, only to discover him flirting with a woman at the bar. Naturally, Justin got mad and Britney fired back, "I'm not the one slipping in the charts." 7.

She had found out Justin was now dating Cameron Diaz, and she wasn't pleased. Kevin Federline's Introduction: "Did you hear that his nickname was 'Meat Pole'? Britney Nearly Drops Baby Sean Preston: Trying to balance a coffee and her son, Britney nearly dropped her baby boy.

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