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People think you are an ice-queen and very tough because you are entrepreneurial." Berkeley's business model has an inherent challenge. Verbeeck says, the average member finds a match and drops out after nine months and there is little repeat business, the company must constantly attract new clients to keep growing.

Part of the plan, therefore, is to expand in two new directions – same-sex relationships and a kind of after-sales service.

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"Some people want to speed things up and meet more people and then it becomes more expensive . The decision about who meets whom is made by Berkeley's staff, who receive special training, rather than by computerized data-matching. Verbeeck says that entrepreneurs and financiers are "well represented", along with senior business managers, lawyers, doctors and some "high-profile people" including actors and sportspeople.

There is no online posting of photos and individual details. About 60 percent of Berkeley's members are women and roughly the same proportion are divorced. Verbeeck herself is divorced but in a relationship.

Verbeeck says this will involve counseling and couple-specific concierge services. People don't have time so they need our help to keep it going." From matchmaker to marriage counselor: another big step away from trading steel.

have their origins in the early 1980s, when Japanese companies introduced their own brands of microcomputer to compete with those of the United States.

Verbeeck – or because staff judge there is no current match on the books.

The high entry fee tends to keep out any opportunists.Vetting potential members normally takes a couple of weeks.About one in 10 applicants is politely turned down, usually because they have unrealistic expectations – "there's no such thing as superman or superwoman", says Ms.Like everyone else, high-flying international business people are looking for love.But it seems their demands, when it comes to dating, can be surprisingly stereotyped. They think they will be very demanding and high-maintenance and give them a hard time. They obviously have some feeling that French men are not very loyal." So says Inga Verbeeck, head of European operations at Berkeley International, a dating agency for the very wealthy that is expanding across the continent to meet rising demand from well-heeled lonely hearts.There is a lot of demand for same-sex introductions, says Ms. "It's different, with different intuitions for matchmaking.

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