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1000-denier Cordura® cloth is the heaviest-weight fabric of the Cordura family, making it ideal for luggage, duffel bags and any other end-use that requires a durable, abrasion-resistant fabric.

Lands' End 7-Day Pants and Shorts are designed to be dressy enough to wear Monday through Friday, yet casual enough to get comfortable in during the weekend.

A pullover sweater with a raised cable pattern and interlaced vertical diamond patterns, named for the Irish island where this pattern was originally developed.

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Angora rabbits are likewise raised for their fine, lightweight hair.

Their fleece is extremely warm and fluffy but also has a tendency to shed or mat with time.

Applying an antimicrobial agent to certain fabrics has been proven to minimize odors.

Our Antimicrobial Sport Socks contain X-Static® nylon yarns coated in silver, which is a natural and highly effective antimicrobial.

A true argyle mimics the clan tartan of the Argylls, a branch of the Scottish clan of Campbell.

As you may have guessed, the ballet neckline (or, balletneck) was inspired by the neckline common to many leotards.Typically a wide-cut neckline extending from shoulder to shoulder, it's similar to a boatneck but usually a bit lower in the front.A balletneck adds a graceful, feminine look and is used mostly in sweaters.Angora derives its name from the ancient city of Angora, Turkey (now called Ankara) and lends itself to a breed of goats, rabbits and even cats.Angora goats are bred and raised for their long, silky hair; also considered to be the true mohair.Ballistic nylon, so named because it was originally developed for use in bulletproof vests, is an especially tough, puncture- and abrasion-resistant material.

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