Calculating and validating nmea checksums handle or name for dating site

These really long strings basically act as fingerprints for that particular file, whether it be an EXE, ISO, ZIP, etc.

Checksums are used to ensure the integrity of a file after it has been transmitted from one storage device to another.

GPS devices maintain their own date and time calculated from GPS satellite signals.

This makes GPS devices useful for clock synchronization since the date and time are independent of the local machine's internal clock.

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The longitude represents the current distance east or west of the Prime Meridian. A value of "E" indicates east and "W" indicates west.

This sentence says that the current longitude is "105°06.6'W".

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GPS devices are able to calculate the current date and time using GPS satellites (and not the computer's own clock, making it useful for synchronization).

This word stores the current time, in UTC, in a compressed form "HHMMSS.

XXX," where HH represents hours, MM represents minutes, SS represents seconds, and XXX represents milliseconds. When the signals of at least three GPS satellites become stable, the device can use the signals to calculate the current location.

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