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"When he grabbed the wire," Hafrich said, "I shot him, as ordered." It is shortly after 9 p.m. The body is left in this position for a considerable amount of time.

It's a sensitive case for camp commandant Anton Kaindl, who has notified the Reich Security Main Office in Berlin.

Starting in 1940, the military oath of the Red Army read: "Surrendering to the enemy is treason." It was a sentence that sealed the fate of tens of thousands of Soviet citizens.

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When an SS officer and two professors arrive the next day, the dead man is photographed, lifted out of the barbed wire and taken to the camp crematorium. In their report, they write that a bullet entered the head four centimeters behind the right ear and shattered the skull.

But according to their assessment, the victim had already died after being electrocuted by the high-voltage fence.

The body is cremated on the spot, and the urn is sent to the Reich Security Main Office along with the investigative report and the death certificate.

Eight days later, Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop receives a matter of "secret Reich business" from SS chief Heinrich Himmler.

They indicate that Stalin's son succumbed to a prison psychosis and conclude that his death was tantamount to a suicide.

But another question has remained unanswered: Did the Germans truly capture Stalin's son during combat in 1941, or did he surrender?

Did this officer in the Red Army, of all people, desert to the Germans shortly after the war had begun?

And did his father know it and consequently refuse to lift a finger for his son?

SPIEGEL was recently given access to the Stalin file.

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