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When new, the dolls often have plain white eyes and the owner draws on the black pupils, making a wish with each one An old style of kimono, with the obody of one fabric and the lower 25 - 30% and all the edges in another is worn as an under kimono, when kimonos are worn in layers, and the edge and often bottom fabric is a thicker, outer kimono type fabric (sometimes yuzen or embroidered) while the body is a lighter, more naga-juban like fabric.

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They are no longer made or worn and are comparatively hard to find nowadays Back to top An Ebazuke pattern is one that continues beyond the seams of a kimono.

Since an Ebazuke pattern has a single orientation, the finished piece must be taken into consideration when constructing a robe with this type of design.

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Medicinal properties are ascribed to both plant and dye.

Commonly believed, cloth dyed in indigo will resist insect damage One of the six elements of Japanese beauty.A small brocaded cloth, about a quarter of the size of a fukusa, used at tea ceremonies.When Koicha (thick tea) is served, a Dashibukusa is placed beside the Chawan by the host.Chuuya-Obi were used by iki-suji ladies in ancient Japan; iki-suji means a kind of kimono expert, such as a Geisha.Chuuya obi are now obsolete and are collectors' items.It refers to a vague, indirect or unclear description.

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