Catholic beliefs on interracial dating

Secondly, my husband is extremely well educated (almost finished with second masters and looking towards Ph D.

Catholic beliefs on interracial dating percent of marriage from online dating

My husband and I were married six months ago, and he has still not told his parents.

He was raised in a traditional Hindu family in south India, but was educated abroad in the UK and now resides here in the US.

S., about half, 49 percent, said that abortion is morally wrong.

Fifteen percent said abortion is morally acceptable and 23 percent answered that abortion is not a moral issue.

I fell that it would be a violation of trust for me to go behind my husband's back and contact his family anyhow.

My family absolutely loves him, so that is not a problem.White mainline protestants were the only religious group for which a minority, 38 percent, said that abortion is morally wrong.Among those with no religious affiliation, only one in four, 25 percent, said abortion is morally wrong.I am the Maid of Honor in a wedding next year that involves two good friends (black and white).I'm just wondering..there bible verses that say that interracial dating is wrong? I have never been in an environment (like home or church) where interracial dating is not frowned upon.Just try to resolve without hurting anyone's feeling.

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