Cats dating video

Dorris and his team will pick top submissions and edit them into the film.He's betting pet owners and feline fans will love seeing cats on the big screen so much the tour will have indefinite footage for years to come.Many of the more than 25,000 commenters, however, insist the video is fake.

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is a touring two-hour feline high-definition film event featuring "exclusive" cat footage not previously uploaded online.

Tickets will be about $30, with some proceeds going to Panthera, Houston no-kill animal shelter Friends 4 Life and a local animal organization in each city. The company is known for producing live events, typically musical acts.

Cat Con LA in Los Angeles drew 15,000 people last year.

Grumpy Cat earned a sponsorship from Friskies, not to mention her own merchandise and Lifetime movie "Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever." Lil Bub has her own documentary, an Animal Planet special as well as a book.

Do give yourself a Friday afternoon break and take a mental vacation to Ainoshima.

We’ll report back if Ed Sheeran hears the island’s call and makes a quick stop during his Japan tour in October."First, nothing you see in the film is on You Tube," said production company Knitting Factory Presents president Mark Dinerstein. "This is a completely new take on what we've done in the past," Dinerstein said. I wouldn't say the Knitting Factory focuses on cat tours, but we focus on what is in the zeitgeist." The American Pet Products Association estimated Americans spent almost billion on their pets and pet-related activities in 2016.And internet-famous cats have been proven to make money. Paul, Minnesota was attended by more than 10,000 people.It’s sort of like the modern equivalent of a siren call, but with sleepy cats.Getting shipwrecked on this island wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to the Irish singer, who is a noted cat lover and has previously visited Japan’s cat cafes to serenade its residents.An animal charity, the Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis, was called in to take the cats to safety but they were so numerous that it took them four days to catch them all and get them into cages to be transported to its shelters.

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