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Tim Gutterson and AUSA Charlotte Crowne get up to no good after hours in the Marshal's office.

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FOX6 News asked State Fair officials whether police were on patrol in the Coliseum when this happened, and whether anyone reported this to police as it was happening.

A couple in Siloam Springs, Arkansas set up a game camera to catch potential trespassers, but instead they captured video of something more unsettling: a man having sex with their donkey.

Inside Edition learned his name is Joseph Talafous and he's actually a disbarred attorney accused of stealing $1.5 million from his clients.

He's pleaded not guilty in that case.“Before we get to the dollars and cents I’d like you to come and see what's going on,” he said as he invited her back to his home office.“Any time you say, 'This isn't for me,' [and] you want to pick up and leave, you pick up and leave," he said, adding, “I'm not a captor.”Guerrero then stepped in and asked the former attorney, “Were you just offering this young woman a job in exchange for sex?

” she asked after introducing herself.“I was not,” he said as he scurried away.

Powers also answered another ad from a man named Joe, who was looking for a “very personal assistant.”He agreed to meet her at a diner in Tom’s River, N.

Quijada (right) and his partner are seen in the above screenshot from the security video.

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