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“I remember seeing that episode of The Jeffersons where George’s old buddy came back and was a woman now,” Cox recalls.“ She was very pretty but she was really a joke, a punchline.What’s different about Sophia, and what’s important, is that we see complicated territory which goes beyond her body, but so often we don’t get these really complicated stories of trans folk.

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Laverne Cox: I would never tell another actor they shouldn’t play a part.

What I will say is that in my experience, trans folk watching (OITNB) have a point of identification that they might not have if someone cisgender plays the role.

Laverne Cox: Yes, from my understanding they were looking for someone trans to play the role.

What do you think of Hollywood’s casting of non-trans actors in trans roles, such as Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club?

Doing the scene where I give the presentation with the visual aid, Adrienne Moore – who plays Black Cindy – was just so funny, she had me falling on the floor.

The best line is when your character Sophia says, ‘I designed one myself!

Going through a discarded wallet looking for money, they find some mysterious documents instead.source: thewrap The 31-year-old gave Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood little option but to send him home after an ice cream-based meltdown prompted him to throw his showstopper Baked Alaska in the bin.

Watters - who had actually won over Berry and Hollywood with his signature chocolate, lime and raspberry fondants and placed sixth in the technical tiramisu cake challenge - lost his temper when fellow contestants Diana Beard and Nancy Birtwhistle unthinkingly removed his dish from the freezer, prompting the ice cream to melt in the hot tent.

“British weather is well known for its well rubbishness,” said Ayoade, “and it’s getting well rubbisher by the day.”Richard Ayoade kind of crept into our lives. Here’s why…#10 He was considered intelligent enough and beloved enough to seamlessly take over from Stephen Fry on Gadget Man. The international rollout for the Stephen Daldry film, set in Brazil, will begin Oct.

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