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As did most “Mom and Pop” restaurants, the Ranch restaurants both had a jukebox, booths, tables and a counter.

The menu, like the decor, was laced with food items named with a southwestern flavor.

When they purchased the Kenosha property, the couple moved to a house east of the restaurant on 75th Street, and Josephine worked as a car hop at the Dairy Dream.

By the early 1960s, the Ranch was remodeled into a sit-down restaurant and the southwest decor was added along with the new name.

The Ranches, north and south, were part of Americana culture in the Midwest after World War II that included a number of Kenosha restaurants and drive-ins such as the Spot, Big Star, Chat-N-Chew, Dutch Maid and the Frostop, to name a few.

A number of marriages resulted from romances between co-workers at the two Ranch locations.

The colored acrylic cover is used as part of an indicator gage for Johnson Gage.

The red or green immediately indicate if a part is within tolerance and acceptable or out of specification.

As he got older, his dad was a job good source for Mark’s friends in the high school sports off-seasons. Joseph students patronized the South Ranch, while Bradford teens went to the North Ranch.

“We had our share of streakers out in the parking lot in the 1970s, too” Mark recalled, laughing.

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