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"Oh, my fucking god." She was drenched in a sheen of sweat. " Mona replied and then gave her a quick kiss on the lips before heading back to her chair.Ashley then looked at me and mouthed, "Thank you." I smiled back and simply said, "You're amazing." "All right you two love birds, if you're still game I suggest one more round, everyone in, winner gets to call the shots for the rest of the night.

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But perfectly understand if you'd rather not." I looked at Ashley, unsure of what to say or how to respond.

"What Jim is asking is if you want to fuck us without condoms.

"I know it's your first time, but I don't play with bi-selfish girls.

If you aren't comfortable continuing we should stop." "I don't want to stop." Mona then took Ashley's hand and guided it down to her pussy, pressing Ashley's fingers against the folds of her, then continued her work on Ashley's pussy with her other hand.

If, on the other, that was all you wanted or if it's going too fast for your first time and need to talk more before crossing any more lines, let's have a toast to a wonderful evening and then head back to our own rooms to bang like teenagers." It was the most direct Jim had been all night. Ashley looked over at me for a long moment and threw in a chip, saying, "I'm all in if you are." It had been tempting, for a moment, to quit then.

The night had already been so good that I would be replaying it for years when Ashley was out of town on business or visiting her mother.

I understand that the two of you have only been with each other for the past decade or so.

We're both comfortable playing with you without barriers if you are.

That in turn seemed to get Ashley "coming round the mountain", as our old joke had been when I was learning how to bring her to orgasm all those years ago.

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