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Donald Trump started his first overseas presidential journey as a rock star, walking down a red carpet when he arrived in Saudi Arabia and leaving the country with a coveted 0 billion arms deal.

North Korea has conducted a series of recent missile tests, rattling its Pacific neighbors.

The White House was struggling to control a damaging news cycle on Friday that was left over from a NATO meeting Thursday in Brussels, Belgium.

Dortmund, also in western Germany, installed "prostitute boxes" a few months before Cologne with the same aim of protecting sex workers and providing social and medical services.

Twenty boxes operated for several years but in 2007 they became a nexus of criminal gangs from eastern Europe and were closed in April 2011.

Bonn installed six wood-walled spaces in January 2011 in a parking lot near the city.

An official has been quoted as saying that 20-25 prostitutes work there on a regular basis.

The facility in a park was shut down by local authorities, re-opened, and has now been closed again.

It charged a minimum fee of €5 (.70) for two hours, plus €1.5 for each additional hour.

In the central city of Utrecht, almost 100 so-called "sex house boats" were recently closed, with the city's mayor citing concerns over human trafficking.

In Gröningen and Heerlen they are supervised and provide access to legal aid and free contraceptives, and in some cases walled drive-through corridors have been set up for more discretion.

In Crema, near Milan, "Luna Parking" charges five euros an hour and €10 for the entire night.

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