Chelsea handler dating comcast

"W"Chelsea's pitch was as entertaining and unique as you could imagine.

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She may be a “shorty,” but there’s no new romance “In Da Club” for Chelsea Handler! Cent about a potential project,” she Tweeted on Wednesday.

The comedienne has taken to Twitter to combat rumors of a possible new romance with rap artist 50 Cent. “There’s nothing to report yet, ill [sic] let you know if there is.” The “Chelsea Lately” host spoke out after TMZ posted a picture of the pair sitting close to each other at the Blue Nile jazz bar in New Orleans on Monday, claiming a “spy” told the site that Chelsea and 50 were “getting very hot and heavy with each other.” The 35-year-old funny woman (who confirmed her breakup from long-time boyfriend Ted Harbert, CEO of Comcast Entertainment Group, via her late night show in January) has recently been linked to Animal Planet’s “Into the Pride” host, Dave Salmoni (who will be a guest on to watch the interview, or check your local listings.).

Originally, she wanted to make an app to get people out of bad dates.

The concept soon evolved, according to Yeti president Tony Scherba.

” In a few weeks, carpenters will begin construction on the set of her upcoming Netflix talk show, scheduled to begin streaming in 190 nations on May 11.

But for now, on a warm February afternoon in Culver City, as Handler takes in the 16,000-square-foot space for the first time, all she has is her imagination.“I’ve only seen where the green room and the guest rooms are going to be.And”—she pauses for effect—”where they’ll be putting the bar.”If all goes according to plan—and things usually do in Handler’s world, even if she insists she never has a plan—the 41-year-old stand-up comedian turned E!Though Netflix has shows that return year after year, it's never done daily or weekly programming.It'll be interesting to see how successful timely content will be on a platform that regularly brags about its ability to pick up niche films and wait around for them to find an audience.What’s certain is that the program, called , will stream three nights a week—Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays—and feature interviews with a variety of guests about often touchy topics: “abortion, parenthood, the electoral college . .” she says, by way of examples, plus a regular dose of Handler’s bawdy, transgressive humor.

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