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The suspected home invasion happened around am as Holly was leaving to travel to university.

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She didn't sound excited to see him, and his gut told him something was wrong. Marky Hutt shared his story on Twitter last month, claiming he was called to Travolta's room at the Hyatt Hotel in Rochester, New York back in 2010. Hutt says he obeyed until the actor "eventually ejaculated" all over his jeans -- evidence the masseuse claims to have saved in a brown paper bag to this day! Watch this video in full HERE: Taylor won't be streaming her new album - and Perez Hilton feel very strongly that's a BAD move!

Upon entering the room, Hutt says he found the actor naked under a towel watching gay porn on his computer. Hutt claims he then told Travolta he was cutting the session short, causing the actor to go into his luggage and dig out close to $2,000 in hush money. Taylor's team is being very aggressive against the media!

Miss Duncan blasted claims that Clint was a suspect in the investigation.

She wrote: 'My cousin Clint, Holly's brother, is NOT a suspect & I'm sick of people saying that he is. Shut up.' Miss Duncan's plea follows an emotional appeal by Holly's parents Dana and Karen Bobo, who called for any information to help locate their daughter.

Up to 1,300 volunteers are said to be combing the area near Holly's home, in rural Decatur County, Indiana, in a desperate bid to find the 20-year-old, last seen being led into a wood by a mystery man.

Miss Duncan and Holly's family have offered a ,000 reward for information that leads to her safe return since her white lunch box was recovered from a creek about eight miles from her home yesterday.

Thinking it was her boyfriend he did not follow but later called 911.

but when he went outside, he discovered blood on the ground.

We thought we'd remind you of some of these names and show you where they are today.

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