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Bug:14049704 Added: 11-May-2012 Platform: All Chapter "Managing Large Documents and Large Numbers of Instances" of the Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle SOA Suite includes the following errors: Bug:14005025 Added: 11-May-2012 Platform: All If an event is published and subscribed to in the same process, the event is not delivered to the subscriber to avoid any cyclic execution. Workaround: If you require this functionality, you can delegate event publishing to a separate process.Bug: 13894523 Added: 12-April-2012 Platform: All Direct Internet Message Encapsulation (DIME) attachments are not supported in Oracle SOA Suite 11g.Because the spring service component is synchronous, by design, there is no support to terminate the synchronous, running instance.

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To set up a timezone perform the following tasks: For example ALTER SESSION SET TIME_ZONE = 'America/New_York'. If it throws an error, apply DST patches for the database.

For example Note 975450.1 - DSTv13 update for the Oracle Database.

However, the configured RAC does not support SID and you will not be able to proceed with the configuration.

Workaround: Silent mode of configuration with the following workaround: Bug: 13434355 Added: 27-November-2011 Platform: All When configuration of a pre-built integration fails, Deployment Configuration Wizard still makes changes to AIAInstall

Workaround: You can suppress validation of participating application using the steps described in “Performing Silent Installation and Deployment of Foundation Pack” of .

If you are configuring the participating application for the first time, and you need to suppress validation of participating application, take the silent installation template from your pre-built integration team.

Workaround: If you do not see a managed server, start the server and select it when it gets populated.

Bug: 13434397 Added: 27-November-2011 Platform: All AIADemo does not update in Metadata Service Repository.

Bug: 12985128 Added: 19-September-2011 Platform: All When you install, install log shows the following warning "WARNING: UNRECOGNIZED OPTION STAGE IS BEING IGNORED".

Workaround: Ignore this warning as it does not affect any functionality. Bug: 13434421 Added: 27-November-2011 Platform: All Deployment Configuration Wizard looks for System Identifier (SID) for Database details.

For a list of issues and workarounds pertaining to Oracle SOA Installation, Upgrade, High Availability, Enterprise Deployment, Performance Tuning, and Web Services, as well as SOA on IBM Websphere, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Release Notes.

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