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The good news is that our personalities are flexible, when we allow them to be.Even though shyness may feel like it’s permanent, it’s not a life sentence.When we know how to do something it takes the awkwardness out of it. We don’t have to rack our brains trying to figure it out, we know how to do it. This is where the simplicity of shyness reduction comes into play.

The survey reports 85% of women "think a guy who dresses well is sexier than one who has a lot of money," 78% of women "believe dressing well is one of the hottest things a guy can do" and 64% believe that "women are more likely to marry a well-dressed man than one who isn't as as well put together." The results of this survey correlates with feedback from Hendricks Park clients who consistently tell us they experience an increase in compliments, confidence, and dating success after buying clothing through Hendricks Park. For hi-tech help buying a custom suit, check out for great service and products.

Mark Twain said "clothes make the man." I think this survey supports this statement and for those of you out there who despise shopping (56%), are tired of feeling under-dressed (72%), know your wardrobe needs a makeover (77%) or would dress better if you simply knew how (42%), hi-tech help is available!

Keep reading to the bottom for specifics on how to train a more socially-confident you. Not a satisfying answer but each individual is going to have a different experience.

Some people will learn faster and excel in their social connections, while others will take more time.

We’re lucky in that we can train ourselves to overcome shyness in the school of life.

That is, if we’re willing to accept its lessons and persevere through uncertainty.

People who get hyperfocused on logistics, such as time, will often fall off the map.

They’re looking for the quick fix or magic pill which will make them feel different.

It’s not comfortable to deal with unhelpful habitual reactions to uncomfortable emotions, so they want the quickest way out.

What happens when they don’t find the silver bullet? “I tried” is the usual rationalization, but confidence isn’t a one-off pursuit. Keep track of your progress but always remember that there isn’t a finish line.

To become confident in our social lives means we need to do the thing we lack confidence in, first.

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