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was dating the smart, but super self-absorbed and slightly promiscuous, Alli . So, HE eventually succumbed to the charms of SUPER SLUT from SLUTTY SLUTVILLE, Bianca . Except the “slightly” part of her promiscuousness was, apparently, not enough for Drew. and she was mad at him, because he wouldn’t introduce her to his parents (even though they had been dating for six months), because she wasn’t a Muslim?

Smart, sensitive, slightly emo lovebirds, Eli and Clare, have TRULY been the REAL lovestory of this season.

And THAT’S how Drew’s superintendent (or something) mom ended up in the boiler room, where she found Slightly Promiscuous Alli doing precisely nothing but crying, and, yet, jumped to conclusions about her sluttiness, anyway.

But believe it or not, the cops break up Degrassi’s Vegas Night due to a Sav-induced noise violation.

I blame Stud Muffin Sav and his hypnotic (and by “hypnotic,” I mean “awful”) voice.

SINGING A CRAPPY SONG to her in front of the entire student body .

a song that sounds suspiciously similar to the “Anya Song.” It WORKS .

So, Alli tells Big Bully, Small Willy, Owen, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Then he tries to RAPE HER!

And, while she DOES want to make Drew jealous, the “Nether Region Kissing thing” is a no-go for her.

gives thanks to Sav and his magical musical charms, by changing into a totally tarty outfit, and stripping for him in an abandoned classroom.

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