Creative ideas for updating closet doors

If you have the luxury of space, a dressing item is the perfect spot to drop all your things until you use them again. Be sure to select one with plenty of storage drawers and shelves to maximize storage.Add trays or boxes to your island top to catch smaller items like jewelry, pocket change or keys.The saying, “less is more” is the secret to beautiful closet displays.

Create a beautiful and unique closet space by using innovative displays, like the shoe wall above.

Take inspiration from the hottest fashion boutiques to display your fashion objects.

Depending on your closet shape, round ottomans work better in large open closets while narrow benches work best in straight, single-aisle closets.

One of the newest upgrades in the world of walk-in closet design is the built-in vanity.

Walk in closets have always been a symbol of luxury, but the days when a walk in closet exclusively belonged in a mansion are over.

We have some of the most functional and beautiful walk in closet ideas to help you create an impeccable, organized dressing area.Set the mood with lighting in several ways including:–Creating a design or focal point–Adding mood lighting to the space–Improving room brightness, especially when windows are not available–Highlighting accessories–Functioning as task lighting when dressing or applying make-up–Showcasing your beautiful closet displays Ever wondered how to get the lightbox effect, like the shoe wall in the image below?Mount a flourescent light fixture on the wall and add a white plexiglass backing to the bookshelf or cabinet in front of the fixture.Once you get the bones of your walk in closet in order, take inspiration and incorporate some picks from our nine must-have walk in closet ideas: No other color in the palette creates a better backdrop in your walk in closet for your clothes to shine.White is high-contrast, bright in what is normally a dark room and always looks crisp and new.Having dedicated storage for all clothing and accessories makes it easier and less stressful to find the items when you need them.

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