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Yeah.'" From the same publication, Benjamin Chesna and Edwin Ortiz gave credits to the song for making infidelity sound "empowering" while praising Austin's "silky smooth production," concluding their article with a claim: "[Watkins] forced you into the arms of another lady, now you just have to keep it on the down low." Slant Magazine's editor Sal Cinquemani was reviewing the greatest hits album 20 when he observed that both of the girls' "finest" singles, "Creep" and "Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg", had them "proudly flipping accepted modes of female sexual behavior and consent on their heads." In the 2014 biopic Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story, "Creep" was served as the backdrop to a dramatic scene where Lopes' character set her then-boyfriend Rison's bathtub filled with tennis shoes on fire and destroyed their joint mansion due to his infidelity.

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We were really happy and we still are really happy to be the voice for so many women in so many different situations in their lives," she told Myspace in 2014.

Jon Parales of The New York Times stood by the song's concept, he wrote: "The women sing about infidelity, revenge, status and power plays, not as victims but as contenders; when they're cheated on, they cheat, too." It is one of Crazy Sexy Cool's tracks for which Lopes was absent due to her having checked herself into rehab for alcohol abuse which had played a part in her being charged with arson to boyfriend American football player Andre Rison's mansion in June 1994.

They performed it during several live concerts and television events, with the track being used in films and TV series, covered and sampled by such musicians as American rock band The Afghan Whigs and singer Zendaya.

After releasing the successful debut album Ooooooohhh...

Still, similar to their past works, "Creep" carries hip hop samples—particularly two 1989 singles Slick Rick's "Hey Young World" and Shinehead's "Who the Cap Fits", a heavy beat, "forthright sex talk" lyrics with a kind of "playful sensuality" and "street aggression." Its production was built on a "deep" and "infectious" groove, around a wafting "late night"–style trumpet sample with quietly "jiggling" funk guitar and scratching sounds, all adding depth to the subversively "poppy" vocal chorus and accentuating the song's "slinky" hooks.

Musically, "Creep" is set in the time signature of common time with a moderate tempo of 96 beats per minute.

On the TLC Tip (1992), TLC began working on the their second release called Crazy Sexy Cool in late 1993 and continued through till September 1994.

One of the album's tracks, "Creep", was based on member Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins' own experience.

This version was later deemed as one of the most iconic pop videos of all time, notably for the famous silk pajamas costumes and the choreography.

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