Dailybooth not updating twitter Web sex chats video

The video surged in popularity, touching off a global phenomenon.

More than 15 million people have viewed it, and the video inspired dozens of others to turn their cameras on themselves.

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I chose a few from the list to see how this feature actually plays out. are unbelievably similar, but even if they have drew their inspiration from Twitter, it is totally fine by me, as Twitter does the same by lifting features & UI from its own ecosystem all the time.

Again, I’m not sure who lifted the idea from whom, but the dashboard of Daily Booth looks a lot similar to Twitter on the web. The thing that matters here is that the app is suddenly more familiar and easier to use.

This requires a webcam in your computer and you will have to allow Daily Booth to access it.

A novel feature to attract new users but since a lot of desktop users won’t have a webcam, how about an option to upload an image for checking out the same features without signing up?

They are missing out on a landrush by not linking to it in the homepage.

Simply put, Daily Booth is a superior version of Twitpic.

I’m not sure who took a leaf out of whose book, but after finding your friends, Daily Booth suggests (in Twitter style) a list of users worthy enough to be followed.

Unlike Twitter though, none of them were celebrities or verified accounts and since I haven’t specified my hobbies and interests either, I’m really skeptical about the relevance of the suggestions.

The sign up is simple but requires you to submit your birthday.

I usually get apprehensive when an app asks anything more than the standard email, login and password information.

Daily Booth is one big conversation about your life, through pictures.

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