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Wrist and hand injuries are very common in NASCAR when a driver crashes while tightly gripping the wheel.

Despite the crash, Patrick still finished in 16th position.

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That’s a pretty significant jump in starting slots, so our hats go off to her.

Additionally, Patrick became the first Sprint Cup rookie driver to win the pole at the Daytona 500 since Jimmie Johnson accomplished the task back in the 2002 season.

"For ten years," Lauda added, "I’ve told Bernie Ecclestone he’s dopey for not getting a woman into Formula One." But, at least as far as the F1 folks opine, that ’woman’ isn’t Danica Patrick.

The wonderful Danica Patrick made headlines the other day when sheouted herself as dating a fellow rookie in the Sprint Cup Series and now she has made headlines again.

Triple world champion and Mercedes chairman, Niki Lauda, also weighed in and was a little more diplomatic about his answer, saying that it wasn’t so much Danica Patrick’s skill set, but more about the technical level of Formula One and how U. drivers wouldn’t be able to cope with the technical side of F1 in general.

"The last American who had success in Europe was Mario Andretti — and that was in my day! Lauda, however, wasn’t closing the door on a female driver racing in Formula One, saying that they should get a chance if they have the kind of skills to allow them to be successful in the series.

If rain doesn’t get in the way again, the Daytona 500 will take place tonight at 7pm ET.

Since 1911 when the first race was held, the Indianapolis 500 has been an event dominated by men.

In some good news, Danica returned to Daytona International Speedway on Friday in her backup car and won the pole position for Saturday’s Nationwide race.

This makes her only the second woman to ever win a pole in NASCAR’s 64-year history.

Patrick finally chose to disclose the details of the relationship to the press, so that the couple could “be open about their relationship.” In the process, she officially broke the hearts of many of her male fans – our words, not hers.

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