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The party goes on to defeat it and it surrenders the hammer, which is then given to the Reptite in prehistory for a reward.

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There is a mixture of enemies that are not usually found in the same area, for example Koopas, Mecha-koopas, Goombas, Boos, Dry Bones, and even a Cheep-cheep and Blooper are all here! At least there are no surprises at the ending flag.

Screenshots (click to enlarge) A few more enemies show up, along with the dark cavern theme Yoshi egg in the "dark" version, but not in the original. The secret remake of NSMBW can be unlocked by playing through the original game and collecting every single star coin in the game, followed by entering a sequence at the startup screen.

You return to the village where the Nu finally makes friends and opens a shop.

Take the Saintstone (see Prismastone Redux) and place it atop Mount Emerald in Prehistory.

You can obtain Godwood from the reptite at the entrance to the Millenia Forest in Prehistory.

Talk to the lower right reptite first if he doesn't hand it over.The Steel Ingot is in the cave to the west of the swamp in the Middle Ages.The Golden Hammer can be retrieved from the same reptite you gave it to in Prehistory.After defeating the Nu, the party makes their way to the summit, where they find the Prismastone, which is taken back to the girl's mother for 2 Strength Capsules, 2 Magic Capsules, and 2 Speed Capsules. D., there is a gem collector who wants the "Saintstone," a gem that can be created by the merging of two Prismastones. In the Middle Ages, the elder does not permit the party to enter the shrine unless they bear the Reptmark, which the party procures in the woods to the north. The reptite below the entrance to the Millenia Wood desires to build a bridge for you.To do so, he requires metal, a durable hammer and sturdy lumber.The Lost Sanctum consists of two dungeons and a village of Reptites.

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