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A needy relative might receive the loan of a piece of land, some wage labor, or occasional gifts of food.Another type of assistance is a form of adoption by which poorer families give a child to more affluent relatives to raise.

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Both serial monogamy and polygamous unions are socially accepted.

Annulment is difficult to obtain through the Roman Catholic Church; this fact, in addition to the expense involved, makes couples reluctant to undertake a religious marriage. Divorce in this case is relatively easy and uncomplicated.

Honduras Table of Contents The family is the fundamental social unit in Honduras, providing a bulwark in the midst of political upheavals and economic reversals.

People emphasize the trust, the assistance, and the solidarity that kin owe to one another.

No shame accrues to the man who fathers many children and maintains several women as mistresses.

Public disapproval follows only if the man fails to assume the role of "head of the family" and to support his children.

Father-child relationships vary more depending on the family.

Ideally, the father is an authority figure to be obeyed and respected; however, fathers are typically more removed from daily family affairs than mothers.

When a free union dissolves, a woman typically receives only the house that she and her mate inhabited.

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