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The most famous of these is Napoleon's linden avenue at the entrance to Logatec along the state road, which was once the major road from Ljubljana to Trieste.

To conclude this short overview of the significance of the linden tree for the lives of Slovenians in the past, of how it accompanied and affected their lives, of what they saw in it and of the importance they attached to it, we should return back to the oldest linden tree in Slovenia — the linden tree on Ludranski vrh, high in the hills above Črna na Koroškem.

It was named the Najevnik linden tree after the Najevnik farm on which it was grown and is the oldest of all the linden trees in Slovenia.

The linden tree marks the place where the village community met for social gatherings and where decisions on matters of common interest were made.

The branches of a linden tree provided shade for stone tables and benches, a popular meeting place for local leaders and the village community.

The linden tree, however, continues to have most symbolic importance in terms of the establishment of Slovenian statehood.

Twenty years ago, on the day the Republic of Slovenia proclaimed its independence and sovereignty, a linden tree was planted in Republic Square (Trg republike) in front of the National Assembly building.

This, as some suggested subsequently, contributed to Slovenia's stand which led to its independence at the beginning of the 1990s.

Another such symbol is GEOSS, the Geometric Centre of the Republic of Slovenia near Vače nad Litijo — a project that indicated that Slovenia's statehood was being strengthened as early as ten years prior to Slovenia's independence.

The avenue is protected as a horticultural monument.

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