Dating in the dark episode 2

The show has proven itself again and again to be the master of surprise twists and complex puzzles.

Now that this perennial favorite of the summer season on Syfy has finished its season 3 run, this article serves as a reminder of all the fun that was had with links to reviews, trailers, and other news we shared.

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Though the show highlights the challenging realities of growing up a transgender person, acceptance also is a major theme.

The series promotes Jazz's children's book as well as media campaigns designed to support transgender youth.

On the surface it seems like an idea with some great potential, and while it can be thought provoking at times it falls short of anything more than a dull and superficial social experiment.

In a nutshell Dating In The Dark can pretty much stay in the dark, as it fails to shed any new light on what role looks play at the beginning of relationships.

Sherlock deserves to be the huge artistic and commercial success that is has become.

It is a great exchange rate earner for Britain, and proof of the potency of our creative industries.

Three guys, and three gals move into a house and get paired up with each other.

They generally make out, and have as much of a ‘date’ as they can in a sparse pitch black room before they actually see their partner for the first time. Whoever thought up this idea certainly knows how to cash in on a cheaply produced show, and for that I give big props.

There's lots of teen talk about boys, breast size, virginity, and the like, but much of the discussion also centers on coping with these issues as a transgender person.

Bullying and discrimination are discussed; words such as "piss" and "crap" and slurs such as "tranny freak" are audible.

It takes quite a talent to turn a lame pun - "cereal killer" into a compelling horror story - but Jones certainly managed to turn Culverton Smith from cuddly purveyor of cornflakes into mass murderer.

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