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The major attraction of Amritsar city is its Golden Temple, the most holy shrine of Sikhs. The fascination of the garden city attracted the attention of many senior citizens.

After paying heavy tribute to conquerors, the city was handed over the Chauhan rulers.

The town of Ajmer was captured by the ruler of Mewar in 1365.

Later the city of Ajmer became a cause of controversy between the maharajah of Mewar and Marwar.

Alleppey is a fairly lovely marketplace and town which is located on canals and surrounded by coconut trees.

This grand palace of Bikaner was built by Maharajah Ganga Singh Ji in the remembrance of his father Maharajah Lal Singh Ji in the year of 1902.

The impressive Lalgarh Palace is the excellent example of Rajput, Mughal and European architecture.The city of Bhopal is a perfect combination of natural beauty, rich history and modernity.Apart from natural beauty the city of Bhopal is also known for its beautiful lakes old mosques and palaces.When you will in Alleppey you will also see several architectures and temples.The city of Alwar is set among the clusters of small hills of the Aravali range.He fortified the city by building a massive wall around the city.

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