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Farmers in LDCs cannot afford this machinery or the fuel to run the equipment, so governments must allocate funds to subsidizing the cost of seeds, fertilizers and machinery.-Has helped the farmers grow a more bountiful harvest through the using of pesticides.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs, or genetically modified foods) have had their genes altered in a laboratory for specific reason (e.g., disease resistance, nutritional value, or increased productivity); grant producers greater control, predictability, and efficiency.

Truck farms are highly efficient and large-scale operations that take full advantage of machines at every stage of the growing process.

Popular in East, South, and Southeast Asia, because the ratio between farmers and arable land is so high, most of the work is done by the family by hand or by animal with processes refined over thousands of years.

c., that allowed a shift in work force beyond subsistence farming to allow labor to work in factories.

Because of Green Revolution, agricultural productivity at a global scale has increased faster than the population.

Farmers need tractors, irrigation pumps, and other machinery to make the most effective use of the new miracle seeds.

Started in United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Denmark, especially with the Enclosure Act, which consolidated land in Great Britain.

Potatoes and corn diffused from Americas to Europe, and other resources followed from colonial possessions to Europe.: the Green Revolution has increased production to avoid widespread famine.

century in the American West; ranchers free roamed throughout the West, until the U. government began selling land to farmers who outlined their farms with barbed wire, forcing the ranchers to establish large ranches to allow their cattle to graze.farming in the land surrounding the Mediterranean Sea (Southern Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia), also in lands with similar climates (California, central Chile, Southwestern South Africa, and Southwestern Australia).

Sea winds provide moisture and moderate winter; land is hilly with mountains frequently plunging directly into sea.

-Animal domestication: domestication of animals for selling or using byproducts (the Fertile Crescent had cow, horses, pigs, and sheep, and therefore a comparative advantage over other early culture hearths).vegetation is cut down and then ignited to make the ground more productive (swidden is the term for this prepared land); each field is used for a couple years then left fallow for a relatively long time.

a form of subsistence agriculture that involves effective and efficient use of labor on small plots of land to maximize crop yields.

Culture is the agent, the natural area is the medium, the cultural landscape is the result.: Through time nomadic people noticed the growing of plants in a cycle and began to domesticate them and use for there own use.

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