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You're selling an item and a buyer says they’ve made a mistake and overpaid you e.g. They ask you to send them back the difference via a money transfer system such as Western Union, but their money never arrives, and you've lost the 'refund' that you sent them.You’re called by someone claiming to be from a large computer or telecoms company like Telstra or Microsoft.

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Someone claiming to be a lawyer gets in touch with you, letting you know that you’re the last living relative of a wealthy person who’s passed away.

You're entitled to inherit their fortune, but in order to recieve it you need to pay some legal fees.

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Scams are attempts by criminals to purposefully and maliciously mislead you in order to get your money.

As an ‘employee’, you’re asked to use your own bank account to transfer money overseas from ‘sales’ in Australia – and you’re promised a percentage of the transfer commission.

What you’ll actually be doing is transferring stolen money, most often to Eastern European countries.

The ease of obtaining visas, opening bank accounts and arranging money transfers are all part of the nation’s criminal appeal.

“Scammers are increasingly using targeted social engineering attacks against their victims due to the extremely high success rate,” Ty Miller, an Australian security expert and founder of Threat Intelligence, tells TIME.

A friend request on Facebook or a message on a dating site or app from someone you don’t know might be the start of a romance scam.

The scammer uses a false identity to capture your interest, and builds an emotional connection over a period of time by revealing personal information, sending you gifts or promising to visit you. Once they’ve gained your trust, they’ll ask you for money either directly or more subtly, for instance by telling you that they have a sick relative who needs the funds for medical treatment.

The scammer might also ask for your bank or credit card details, claiming they want to move some money out of the country or want to share some with you.

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