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I understood that the airfield also served as a staging post for military flights, but that was a relatively unimportant role. On one airtest were flew up to the salt flats beyond Sharjah to look for an overdue Jetranger.

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One aircraft was converted to a seven-seat layout for pleasure flights.

One (G-AOPL) was acquired from Shackleton Aviation at Sywell by a Captain in the Trucial Oman Scouts and flown to Sharjah in 1967; later being flown on to South Africa where it remained until it ceased flying.

Have a look at my site: l.garey - RAF Sharjah, Al Mahatta Museum ( where I compare GE with an aerial photo. In fact, looking at some of the town areas, shown as black shading, I suspect that they are as they were in the mid-60s.

I have other aerials taken earlier and some modern views of King Abdul Aziz Street. It's based on photosurvey overlaid with tracks and other topo.

He had just got his licence and rejected all offers of advice from the RAF officers about calculating Prentice take-off performance at 6000ft.

The demo flight and deal were done at sea level, and the RAF officers got the next plane out.

If anyone can think of another way, please let me know! Garey; I also have a BP map of all on and offshore installations in Abu Dhabi, including every hole, pipelines and so on in the mid-60s, a Bureimi Oasis map of the same period (if I can ever find it)etc.a very large scale map of the Liwa showing virtually very track, garden and airstrip. I did have the US map for the Empty Quarter from Al Ayn to the South and West, which could be in the attic. fordexplorer; As long as it fits into a reasonable number of A4 chunks, scanning should be fairly easy. We detached to Sharjah many times and Akrotiri occasionally, but 'based' in Cyprus? However, if you know something I don't I'll be glad to apologise.

It was complied fom aerial survey, with place names obtained by a team who took guides around and asked them what everything was called. Locating the bedsheet map is the first hurdle; I know it's somewhere, but it's been a hectic 9 months, to say the least, and I'll have to think about where I put it. :confused: Some photos of the centre of the universe - otherwise known as RAF Sharjah circa 1966.

The Prentice was an interesting aircraft to fly, suffering as it did from being grossly underpowered with the aerodynamic beauty of a s**thouse.

Oiling up the rearmost plugs while taxying was its best trick; mag checks were pointless on the ground and I did them on the climb out, always a nervous moment especially over the sea.

It showed an awful lot of features (wells, dunes, salt flats etc) called "Ma 'Aaref" which many will recognise as "I Don't Know". This was before all the Aden mob took over the place.

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