Dating someone with adhd disorder

Are you looking for someone who will provide excitement and high activity, or do you prefer a stable and low-key person to balance out your energy level? If you are currently dating someone, make a list of the qualities you like about this person. Are there things about this person that bother you?

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Social relationships can create many challenges for an individual with ADD.

Difficulties with paying attention to others, missing important verbal and nonverbal cues, impulsively reacting or saying things that may be hurtful, moodiness, quick temper, low tolerance for frustrations, forgetfulness, zoning out in conversations, oversensitivity to criticism, emotional over-reactions, problems following through with commitments -- these are just some of the issues that make dating and maintaining positive relationships hard for an individual with ADD.

Medication is often very effective in reducing the severity of these symptoms.

Additionally, strategies, such as self-talk, role playing and practicing positive interactions, becoming more aware of emotional triggers and taking time out to decompress, etc., can help in forming and maintaining healthy relationships. When you and your partner understand how ADD affects your relationship, the plan for addressing issues becomes much clearer.

Sometimes it helps to sit down with a trusted and supportive friend or family member to help you think through this process.

It is not unusual for an individual with ADD to become so consumed with a new relationship that all objective thought flies out the door.A critical, negative or gloomy person will just bring you down.A person with a positive outlook and attitude is contagious.When you’re right in the middle of a situation, your own perception may get skewed.You may also miss important clues or warning signs about the relationship that an outside party, who has your best interest at heart, is better able to point out to you.If this person also has ADD, are they involved in treatment and actively getting help in managing their own ADD symptoms?

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