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He reviewed Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate after eating a habanero pepper.

In 2011, Hanson provided the animation for the unreleased game JForce: Unstoppable.

The game was set for release in 2012 with a Kickstarter to help fund the project, In 2006, Hanson provided the voice of Bruce Banner in the video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance as part of a competition held by Activision.

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He came in 5th overall, losing in the third round of Balloon Fight.

Hanson lives in Glendale, California with his wife Suzanne "Suzy" Berhow who is a regular on Game Grumps spin offs like Grumpcade, Steam Train, Hunting Monsters and Table Flip.

His voice went ultimately unused and the character was played by Robin Atkin Downes, though VGFacts, Hanson's own website, and the credits of the game claim that his voice was used in the Wii port.

Completely sold out, the event led to future performances in New York and other locations on the East Coast.

MTV gave Hanson four guidelines: the shorts must be poorly drawn, the shorts must have violence, the shorts must have swearing, and the shorts must be 30–40 seconds long.

MTV also restricted him from submitting these movies to anywhere but The G-Hole, a restriction which Hanson constantly fought believing that all of his fans should have easy access to his work.

He went on to create 1 to 3 Awesome episodes a month for The G-Hole before the show was put on hold and eventually canceled.

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