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It is interesting to note that the pilot episode of Phase II called “In Thy Image” would serve as the backbone for the screenplay for , but that could never be the same, could it? In 2015, the anxiousness is derived from something else.

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But this mission belied a deeper and more resonant message when it was revealed that the probe itself was of human origin.

Everyone who has seen the movie (and arguably even those who haven’t) know how important that twist is.

He explains to Kirk why: “I weep for V’ger as I would for a brother. I would also suggest that the decentralized and de-personified nature of V’ger is refreshing and suggests a model for future films.

The past four movies ( all have featured a villain, obsessed with revenge, commanding an imposing ship that the Enterprise crew has to valiantly blow up in order to save the day.

The recent commercial and critical success of movies like I wouldn’t presume to second-guess Simon Pegg, Doug Jung, and Justin Lin when they’re in the process of writing, producing, and directing a movie under the scrutiny of the world’s most dedicated fanbase.

Unless you’re one of the very people who have actually been in that kind of situation, it’s almost impossible to know what factors, constraints, and pressures influence the pressure cooker environment in which the producers operate in.

But is it possible for us to formulate an idea for Star Trek that doesn’t always necessitate such a trope?

That doesn’t necessitate a huge space battle, whiz-bang explosions, and a dead villain as the only outcome of our heroes succeeding?

For all we know, next year’s movie might be everything we’re looking for and then some. But in the meantime, we can still ruminate and reflect on what made Star Trek truly resonant for us, and hope that what we see in the future will reflect and expand on that.

In the end, despite the despondence or fear that some fans have about next year’s movie, I’m actually optimistic for Trek’s future.

Indeed, there hasn’t been a movie without a headlining “main threat bad guy” since .

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