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I want my back but they don't give refunds This site entraps new users to sign up and immediately asks them to upload their photos, which it immediately publishes online without even telling them.Then it traps them in an infinite loop of redirecting them to a "verify your account" page prompting you take a photo of yourself making a certain gesture.i went to top up credits and it took payment without asking my permission or any payment options at all.

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I use it because I have done for years and will keep using it, because I know what to expect and as long as I dont expect too much, it can still pleasantly surprise me sometimes.

Good customer service (US based I think) and easy to use on my phone (my computer broke months ago).

In short, it gets me where I want to go, eventually.

At the end of the day, what more can I ask for at that price? It's just a crappy app full of thieves and liars. I've tried reporting an underage girl the told me she was 16 after swapping Snapchat ID's. This app would be cool if you could actually talk too people without paying.

This site has the same issue as most other dating apps and sites and that issue is called fake profiles!

And the site itself is not bad and really easy to use.But once you use reliable dating sites like Mingle2day and Match you will feel the difference somehow.So it did not convince me but it is not bad at all.Then when i press instagram to confirm my identity, it just puts me in a loop saying confirm woth instagram. Who ever created this should be sued I asked a women what she thought of hot or not, she stated laughing.As she had only signed up on one dating site add never heard of hot or not. It said to send a crush to someone you don't know and cost money to do so.The thing is, there's no way to actually get past this page, no matter how many times you take the requested photo.

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