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Whatever you choose to do, remember that a first date is for “really getting to know your significant other” and building off of that initial crush. Competitive intelligence is sometimes referred to as a game of chess, with each side trying to think as far ahead as possible about their opponents’ moves and countermoves. Knowing what not to do can be just as important as knowing what to do. I'd like to blame fairy tales and movies for this horrible way of approaching dating. For those who don't know this character, consider yourself fortunate, but for your sake I'll summarize: *sigh* Edward is a powerful immortal vampire from the 1800s. Guys tend to have this fear of talking to women because, well, there's that slim-to-none chance that some sort of alpha-male-gorilla-man could appear out of nowhere and their asses into oblivion.

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I would also like to point out that this blog comes from personal experience and are just my opinions. By "interact" I mean "gropey-touchey-feelie-squishy-goodness." Unless you fuck things up. Here's the cold reality: If you're not yourself, who the hell are you? The dating world isn't as tough as you might think.

They're not necessarily fact (hard to believe, I know). He/She will discover who you really are eventually. People just tend to get extremely uptight about it and end up shooting themselves in the foot. Here are some simple guidelines to find someone "in your ballpark," which is far more effective than finding someone who is perfect: I can probably add more to that impressive numbered list, but you're a smart guy/gal that may or may not be looking for a man/woman to fulfill his/her and/or your/their life/cookie jar that might/might not figure things out!

Or at least part of a loose affiliation that could be helpful to your firm in the future?

Artist: She Wants Revenge Album: She Wants Revenge Song: Tear You Apart Lyrics: Got a big plan his mind's set, maybe it's right At the right place and right time, maybe tonight In a whisper or handshake sending a sign Wanna make-out and kiss hard, wait, never mind Late night in passing, mention it flip To her best friend, it's no thing, maybe it slipped But the slip turns to terror and a crush to like And she walked in he froze up, leave it to fright It's cute in a way till you cannot speak And you leave to have a cigarette, knees get weak Escape was just a nod and a casual wave Obsess about it heavy for the next two days It's only just a crush it'll go away It's just like all the others it'll go away Or maybe this is danger and he just don't know You pray it all away but it continues to grow I want to hold you close Skin pressed against me tight Lie still, close your eyes girl So lovely, it feels so right I want to hold you close Soft breath, beating heart As I whisper in your ear "I wanna fucking tear you apart" Then he walked up and told her thinking maybe it'd pass And they talked and looked away a lot, doing the dance Her hand brushed up against his, she left it there Told him how she felt and then they locked in a stare They took a step back thought about it, what should they do?

Oh, and on a personal note, I am NOT a dating expert. I don't know about you, but if I would have done HALF - no - 1/16th of the things that Edward did "for" Bella, I would have probably had more than one restraining order filed against me AND I might've enjoyed carving my beloved's name on the wall in a jail cell a few times. Oh, and uh *ahem* as an aside, I know these Twilight characters thanks to Rifftrax, not due to casual Twilight-watching. Except for, sadly, the Dragonball-eque energy blast. Guys (and sometimes ladies), you gotta do SOMETHING. Women tend to have the edge here because they don't normally have to make "the approach." Of course there's that whole "ying to the yang" thing - women tend to wrestle more with clothes, make-up, and overall physical appearance in general.

So here's what NOT to do, in somewhat explicit detail. *pause for laughter* Therefore he's "old fashioned," aka "complete wussbag." When he approaches the incredibly boring and mediocre Bella, he's laughably smitten and does everything and anything to "keep her safe." This includes sneaking in her bedroom to watch her sleep AND sabotaging her truck to keep her from going places. Believe it or not, this is actually a deep-seeded fear that is etched into our very DNA because that very thing USED to happen in our caveman days.

We all know the story: the basketball jock falls in love with the science geek over a karaoke duet, the two overcome their differences to star in the school musical, and then everyone breaks out into a huge song and dance performance.

Unfortunately, BSGE is not East High and actual high school is not High School Musical (1, 2, or 3). Is there hope for a love equivalent to Troy and Gabriella’s?

A smart woman might feel attracted to him physically but she'll be able to separate her brain from her loins and think, "Didn't I see this douche-noodle on Tool Academy? I've tried online dating before and have had disastrous results. Are you looking to find someone to marry and produce gobs and gobs of babies? There's nothing wrong with choosing the "just getting laid" option, but you HAVE to be honest with whom you bring to bed.

I recall sex education being mostly scare tactics and religious nonsense that insulted me and my peers' intelligence, but that's just me. I would write a blog about failing at sex, but I've never actually "failed" at that. On the flip side, when a guy tries WAY too hard to appear as captain alpha-tough-muscles, he will attract the crazies. You can Skype all night and day; it's STILL not real person-to-person intimacy.

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